The handle on my home office’s door

So it’s not that I dislike travelling, it’s just I’m not particularly fussed about it overall. I really enjoy tagging along with other people on trips they’ve planned, but I’d never bother to plan a trip myself. I’m basically pretty happy staying home. So I thought I’d better blog about that.

Here’s the handle on the door of my home office. It’s not actually much of an office — it’s really just a small double bedroom with a desk in it instead of a bed. I believe the handle is an original, but really, how would I know?

The handle on the door of my home office


I think it looks fairly old, you know? Like not in a bad way, but solid. A classic. I think the block of flats I live in was built in the 1930s. But again, I really have no idea. It’s possible I haven’t researched this blog post as thoroughly as I might.

I quite like how it looks a bit like a face with a massive prosthetic nose (although maybe a computer would disagree). What is more unfortunate is that this particular handle doesn’t really close the door — even when closed, a simple push on the door will open it, no handle action needed. As such, it’s essentially decorative. There may be a term for this, but I don’t know it — I’m not some kind of doorknob idiot savant.

Not yet.


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